Is your Honda Lease-End date approaching?

Superior Acura wants to make sure your lease return process is as quick and easy as possible. Whether you are ready to upgrade to something new, buy your leased vehicle or return it, Superior Honda has three easy choices to help you with just the click of a button!

1. Turn in Your Leased Vehicle and Lease or Purchase a New One
  • Check out our great lineup of brand new Hondas and our Current Lease offers
  • Chat with one of our helpful Honda Sales exerts to ask questions and book an appointment or for a Test Drive
  • Schedule a complimentary Pre-Return vehicle inspection two months before Lease-End
  • Turn in your Leased Vehicle to Superior Honda and drive home in a brand new Honda
2. Love Your Lease? Why Not Buy It?
  • Ask Honda Financial Services for a free payoff quote, or call us at (513) 542-8000
  • Like to finance your vehicle? Visit our Finance Department to ask about our competitive finance rates and extended warranties
3. Return Your Honda at Lease End
  • Two months prior to the end of your lease, contact Honda Financial Services
  • Schedule your complimentary Pre-Return vehicle inspection
  • Allow our Lease Termination team to assist you in completing all necessary Lease-End paperwork

What to Bring With You at Lease-End

  • Your Leased Honda Vehicle
  • All keys to your Leased Honda Vehicle
  • Vehicle Owner's Manual
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Maintenance Records
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Receipts for all completed vehicle repairs, if applicable

Return Your Honda Leased Vehicle to Superior Honda

Superior Honda can easily accept all Honda lease returns financed through Honda Financial Services. Just follow the steps listed above and we will be happy to help you! You might also consider upgrading to a new Honda. Resale values are higher than ever so check Honda Lease Offers! Plus, Honda's low maintenance costs make it the most affordable luxury brand on the market. Just ask our Lease Termination team for assistance.

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