How to Use Our "Buy Online" Tools/Digital Retailing

At Superior Honda in Cincinnati, OH, we want to make buying a car online easier.  Not only easier and more efficient but also from the comforts of your own home when you buy cars online. You can go online today when you are shopping for your new car, and check out our new favorite tool, Superior Fast Lane.

Get in the fast lane and discover how great it is to use our new tool that we are excited for our Delhi and Fairfield customers to enjoy.  Here are the steps you need to take to get your new vehicle today successfully.

"How To" with Superior Fast Lane

You can buy or lease online today in a fascinating way.  At Superior Honda, you will get the best chance possible to shop for a car we offer on our lot.


Search for intial upgrades like a specific kind of oil, accessories, and or even vehicle delivery!

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Value Your Trade

To start, we ask that you Value Your Trade.  We would like to know your instant trade-in value on your current vehicle.  You can apply the value calculated here in other tools for the best result. 

Find Your Vehicle

Personalize Payments

Personal Payments so that we can figure out your maximum credit score.  When we find out more about your information, your monthly payment is established based on a full review of your credit application and credit report.

Find Your Vehicle

Drivers all over the St. Bernard and Blue Ash area will love what we have to offer.  This way of shopping makes the experience easier and less stressful, especially when we offer pickup and delivery options too.  We look forward to helping you online today.