When you stop by Superior Honda to test drive one of the models in our showroom, keep in mind that Honda is built right here in Ohio. If you want to support local business and the community, and you are in the market for a new car, be sure to buy or lease a Honda. Whether you prefer an SUV or a sedan, you'll find a model for your needs.

Jobs Honda Created in Ohio

Honda has three plants in Ohio: the Marysville Auto Plant, the Anna Engine Plant and the East Liberty Auto Plant. These plants employ 4,250, 2,800 and 2,350 people, respectively. Additionally, over the past five years, $37 billion in parts were purchased from suppliers in Ohio. Over 97 percent of Honda and Honda models that are sold in the United States are produced in North America; and county all eight auto plants from Honda and Honda in North America, over 30 million units have been produced.

Additional Plants in the the United States

Honda and Honda plants that provide Americans with jobs include the East Liberty, Ohio plant; the Lincoln, Alabama plant; and the Greensburg, Indiana plant. Additional plants are located in Alliston, Ontario; El Salto Jalisco, Mexico and Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Engine manufacturing plants are located in Anna, Ohio and Lincoln, Alabama. Additional engine plants are located in Alliston, Ontario and Celaya, Mexico. Transmission plants are located in Russells Point, Ohio; Tallapoosa, Georgia; and Celaya, Mexico. Honda invests over $17 billion in automotive, transmission and engine facilities; and together, they employ over 28,000 people.

Eleven facilities, located in Ohio, contribute to Honda's revenue, and these facilities also include a research and development facility. The 2016 Honda ILX marks 20 years of Honda production in America, specifically at the Marysville, Ohio plant.


In addition to employing many Americans in Ohio, Honda also cares about the environment. Ninety-five percent of waste and materials and building operations are recycled or reused. Because of this, and because of the energy-efficient equipment used in the plants, the Marysville Plant and the East Liberty Plant have earned the Energy Star Certification.

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