Keeping a New Year’s resolution is easy if you make easy resolutions. If you have a long-term resolution such as saving enough for a sizable down payment on a new Honda from Superior Honda, break the resolution down into smaller pieces. That way, you won’t have to settle for something less than what you want.

Break it Down

If you want to save money, instead of saying that you’re going to save $5,000 in the next six months, divide that amount by the number of weeks. It’s easier to put away a bit of a time, especially if you set up a second bank account and have that amount transferred every week. Once you get used to that money being unavailable it’s easier to keep that resolution – and it’s easier to keep it when the money is automatically transferred from your checking account to your savings account. You’ll have that new Honda in no time!

Forget the Outcome

Instead of making a resolution that you will lose 50 pounds this year, make a resolution that you’ll walk a mile at least three times a week. Eventually, the weight will start falling off and before you know it, you’ll have lost that 50 pounds – and maybe more! It’s easier to remember to walk than it is to try to stick to a diet that you don’t really want to be on.

Time, Time, Time

If you schedule time for your resolution it’s easier to keep throughout the year. You have time in the morning to eat breakfast, have time to get ready for work, have time for grocery shopping or having a night out with friends. Work a time into your schedule for the journey to a resolution. If you decide to lose weight and use walking as a tool, get up 15 minutes earlier so you can do that mile every day before you get ready for work.

Work on Your Resolution with a Friend or Family Member

If you are working on your resolution with a friend or family member, you’re more likely to stick to your resolution. Try that walk with a neighbor or a relative. See who can save the fastest to get a new car at Superior Honda.

Whatever you choose to do, keep track of your progress and if you feel like giving up, talk to your friend or relative about that little extra you’re doing for yourself.

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