Easy Holiday Gifts for Your Vehicle

If you have an older vehicle that doesn't have some of the newer technology, you can add it yourself if you're not ready for a new car just yet. And, if you don't feel comfortable installing some of these options yourself, give the service department at Superior Honda a call to set up an appointment for some professional help.

Head Unit

If you want Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and you're not ready to buy a new vehicle or you are, but don't want to put out the cash for that higher trim level, install a head unit that has these features. While these units cost more than a few hundred dollars, it's still cheaper than spending the extra thousands on a higher trim level or a new vehicle that you're not ready for just yet.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Add hands-free calling to your vehicle with a wired or wireless Bluetooth kit. Some of these kits will also activate your phone's voice command so that you can control the audio from the Bluetooth controller.

Mini Jump Starter

A mini jump starter is perfect for those who are often away from civilization. Not only will it start your vehicle when the battery is dead, but it will charge your cell phone for you. You'll get several charges for a cell phone out of one charge on some of the mini jump starters.

Remote Start

It's cold out there and the vehicle you just bought – or maybe you have an older vehicle – doesn't have remote start. No worries. If you have a vehicle with an automatic transmission, you can add an aftermarket remote start system to the vehicle.

Power Door Locks

Add power door locks to an older vehicle that doesn't have power locks. This makes it much easier to ensure all the doors are locked when you are by yourself and at the mall. Instead of going around checking all of the doors, just press the button.

Visit Superior Honda

Stop by Superior Honda to test drive a new vehicle with all of the features you want; or give our service department a call to schedule an appointment to add some of these great features to your older vehicle.

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