From the chili you prefer on top of your "Three Way" to the cities and states you despise because of sports rivalries, being from Cincinnati isn't unlike being from anywhere else in the country. And that's why you love living here so much. The following are 15 ways you know you're a Cincinnati local.

  1. You get into debates about whether it's "soda" or "pop," but you'll always believe "pop" is the correct term.
  2. You judge people by what Kroger they visit, and if you haven't been to that one, you get insanely lost.
  3. You do not like the city of St. Louis, or Pittsburgh for that matter.
  4. You know that the movie Rain Man was filmed in Cincinnati.
  5. You're more concerned about where people went to high school than college.
  6. You known Servati's serves up the best soft pretzels.
  7. You know that a Three Way includes spaghetti, chili and cheese.
  8. You know where George Clooney was born (Cincinnati of course).
  9. You wonder why the nearest international airport is actually located in Kentucky.
  10. You would never swim in the Ohio River.
  11. You always avoid driving directly through Over-the-Rhine.
  12. You know that Oprah chose Greaters chocolate chips as one of her favorite things, and you agree that they're the best in the world.
  13. You bank on the Reds making it to the World Series at the start of every baseball season. You also hate missing opening day and have been known to call in sick to make it to games.
  14. There are so many bridges crossing the river that every time you do it, you never know exactly which one to take.
  15. You know the best place in town to find your new vehicle is at Superior Honda.

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