Imagine this scenario: you are cruising along the highway or a back road and you look around at the other cars. You slowly start to realize that the car you have been driving for the past 10 years is out of date. Badly. You think to yourself, “There’s no way my car would be worth anything. It is outdated and has too many miles. It’s worthless.” That’s not so! You might be surprised at just how much your car or truck can be worth.


Superior Honda can help you with the appraisal process. Come in and visit us in person at the dealership. Before you meet with anyone over the price of your car, here are some tips so you’re not surprised at the retail value of your vehicle.


Do your homework. A little bit of research online can do wonders. Check out prices of cars similar to the one you are looking to sell. View what your local market is re-selling them for and this might give you a better estimate for what you can expect to receive from your current car. Before you take your vehicle in to the dealership for an appraisal, make sure it is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. This can dramatically increase or decrease the value.


You should also realize and understand the dealer’s perspective. Any trade-in value you receive from websites such as Kelley Blue Book or are only guidelines. There are many factors that go into deciding a car’s value and every car is different. A dealership might offer less if your car needs work so they can resell it. Whether you trade with us or not, shop around to get the best price you can for your vehicle.


Remember these helpful tips from Superior Honda when you go to trade in your car or truck.

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